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Vista Care prides itself on education, care, comfort, affordability, and last but not least growth. As we expand our services and presence, we'd love to keep you up to date. 

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For Those Seeking Services

What services does Vista Care offer?
Vista Care offers many different services to many different individuals. For a complete list of services offered, click here.
What is the screening process of caregivers?
All staff members are required to have background checks completed, driving records reviewed, references checked, and are trained before working in any homes or with individuals.

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What kind of benefits are offered?
Vista Care offers a wide range of amazing benefits for full-time employees. We offer 401(k) plans, dental insurance, medical insurance, vision insurance, paid time off, employee discounts on things like electronics, child care, and so much more!
Does Vista Care provide training?
Yes! Vista Care offers paid training to all staff members. Some of these trainings include standard precautions, fire safety, medications, first aid, and challenging behaviors.
Why should I work for Vista Care over a competitor?
Vista Care stands out from competitors because we offer a wide range of services. There is a job at Vista Care for everyone! 
Vista Care offers competitive wages and many opportunities for advancement. Vista Care is committed to constantly improving as a company and is implementing new practices every day! 
Vista Care strives to provide quality services and bases all of our practices on our mission statement “Our purpose is to serve more people better, while keeping them in our hearts and actions at all times..”
Does Vista Care offer any cash incentives for employees?
Historically, Vista Care has offered a wide range of cash incentives to employees. These can be in the form on sign-on bonuses, referral
bonuses, relocation bonuses, employee sweepstakes, and many more!
What Does A Typical Work Week Look Like?
Vista Care offers 3 day work weeks for direct support professionals. 
As a full time employee, working 3 days a week, you get 209 days off a year without using any PTO.

General FAQs

What does Vista Care do?
Vista Care provides care and support services for a diverse population, including those with intellectual and developmental disabilities and individuals with mental health issues. 
We are proud to serve our communities with quality care and compassion.
Where does Vista Care offer its services?
Vista Care is proud to offer services in three states, NevadaSouth Dakota, and Wisconsin! For a full list of cities within each state, click the state name link in blue.
Vista Care is expecting to expand its network of services to other states in the near future!
What are Vista Care’s mission and vision statements?
Mission: Our purpose is to serve more people better, while keeping them in our hearts and actions at all times. 

Our Vision is that Vista Care is synonymous with the Best Care.
Where can I find you on social media?
Vista Care is on Facebook! We post fun pictures of our individuals, things we do in the community with them, and helpful articles!
Come visit us:

Have Additional Questions?

We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

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Vista Care is a leading service and support organization that is proud to provide specialized, supportive services to a
diverse population throughout states of Nevada, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.


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