High Acuity Behavioral Health Services

High Acuity Behavioral Health Services

Vista Care is a premier provider of High Acuity Behavioral Health Services. We provide specialized, direct support services for individuals who have had multiple failed placements and multiple stays in state institutions due to behavioral challenges. These individuals deserve and have the right to live in the least restrictive environment possible in a community setting. 

Expert Behavioral Support

Through our expertise and the training of our staff, Vista Care has proven to be highly successful in supporting people with challenging behavior and working toward their individual goals. Vista Care ensures all reasonable measures are taken to maintain the safety of individuals supported, our staff, and the community.

Benefits of 
High Acuity Behavioral Health Services

Specialized & Direct Support

Specialized Staff Training

Establishing Individual Goals

Safety Oriented

Highly structured and individualized

Staff intensive/enhanced supports

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Vista Care is a leading service and support organization that is proud to provide specialized, supportive services to a
diverse population throughout states of Nevada, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.


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