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Vista Care is a mission-driven organization founded in 1994 by Tim Frey. Tim discovered a passion and calling during his college years to live and work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He opened his heart and his home, providing shared living services, which continued even after he began his own family. Today, Vista Care has blossomed into a multi-state provider serving hundreds of people in their communities. Tim's mission to "serve more people better" continues to define who we are and the work we do.

Since its founding, Vista Care has been providing residential programs, day services, and in-home support to individuals with intellectual, developmental, physical, and behavioral health needs. Serving more than 700 individuals in Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, Vista Care is committed to serving a diverse population with the highest-quality care.

Vista Care's focus on exemplary staff training and adherence to evidence-based best practices demonstrates our continued commitment to quality and excellence. Our staff includes professionals at all levels with extensive experience and knowledge in providing community living supports to the individuals we support. Many members of the Executive Team and administrative personnel have direct service experience in addition to their administrative and managerial backgrounds.

As Vista Care expands its services to meet the needs of individuals, our mission to “serve more people better, while keeping them in our hearts and actions at all times” remains unchanged and will continue to impact our organization at all levels.

Tim Frey

Founder & President

"When I founded Vista Care in 1994, my commitment was simple: to provide quality services for adults with developmental disabilities. My drive to serve and help people, combined with my work ethic, laid the foundation upon which Vista Care was built. I take pride in seeing the next generation of my family actively participating in this dream and steadfastly carrying forward our mission. As we look to the future, the essence of our organization will be rooted in a culture that fosters compassion, inclusivity, and innovation. The heartbeat of our company will always be our dedicated Direct Support Professionals, whose unwavering commitment ensures the well-being of those we serve. Together, we will continue to prioritize the quality of our services, ensuring that the individuals we support not only thrive but flourish. The future of Vista Care is a testament to our enduring values and the legacy we are creating, one that will echo through generations, leaving an indelible mark on the lives we touch."

Vista Care's Mission and Vision

To serve more people better, while keeping them in our hearts and actions at all times.
Our mission is to provide exemplary support services tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of individuals with disabilities. Through compassionate care, innovation, and boundless dedication, we cultivate environments where every person can flourish and lead a life abundant with purpose, joy, and dignity.

Vista Care is synonymous with Best Care.

At Vista Care, our vision is to revolutionize the landscape of care by setting new
benchmarks for excellence and compassion nationally. As a value-driven market leader, we will elevate the standards of care by fostering environments where every person is empowered to live a life of dignity, joy, and boundless potential.