Vista Support Center

Utilizing technology to provide supplemental support to frontline staff and individuals served at Vista Care

Achieving Greater Independence For Those We Serve

The Vista Support Center (VSC) allows trained professionals to engage individuals when support is needed, but also allows individuals to maintain the highest degree of privacy and independence as possible. This is made possible by the usage of technology such as motion sensors and 2-way audio intercoms.

Benefits of the VSC

Custom Variety of Technologies

Providing Person Centered Support

DSP Hotline

Live Support For Any Situation

Increased Safety & Independence

Communication 24/7

What is Remote Support?

Remote support is hands off care that is provided from a remote location. A supplemental and additional layer of support delivered by trained and caring professionals. We use installed technology to connect us with the programs and staff across states.

Safety, Comfort, & Independence

A lot goes into providing the BEST CARE. At The Vista Support Center, we understand that and are here to make things easier for individuals and staff. The VSC staff are highly trained on how to respond such as elopement, medication safety and compliance, and behavior escalation. Our goal is to ensure individuals are safe, comfortable, and can maintain as much of their independence as possible.

Variety of Technologies

  • Motion sensors
  • Stove/cooking

  • Medication Support

  • Exterior security cameras

  • Two-way audio intercoms

  • Automatic reminder systems

  • Contact sensors for doors & windows

  • Personal emergency response systems (PERS) 

To maximize the support we offer, we plan to add more technology in the future, including two-way video intercom, assistive technology items, and more.

Support for Every Situation

Day or night, VSC is there to offer support. With the use of innovative technology, we are well-equipped to adapt to each person’s individual needs. We can address a range of concerns, including elopement, communication, cooking/kitchen use, food access, bathroom/nighttime falls, cueing, medication safety/compliance, sleep patterns, increased independence, behavioral escalation, and data collection. Additionally, the VSC will be a central communication hub for the direct support professional (DSP). The DSP Hotline acts as a secondary support, offering guidance on specific topics, and functioning as a triage and communication liaison for front-line staff. No matter what or when the situation is, VSC’s professional and supportive staff are here to help.

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