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Shared Living Services

Shared living, also known as Host Home, is an arrangement of services provided in the private home of an individual, or a host, in which supports are provided to an individual. Shared living is meant to provide a person-centered approach to supports that are offered to an individual where the individuals and the shred living provider share a home.

Shared living is built on the foundation of life sharing, developing natural supports, and being an active member of the community. The host home provider/companion provides assistance, support, and guidance, in life domain areas such as activities of daily living, safety and security, community living, healthy lifestyle, social and spirituality, and citizenship and advocacy.

Did You Know?

Shared living is an option for individuals with a disability who is interested in this type of environment and is eligible for services in an HCBS waiver though the Department of Human Services. When considering shared living the individual and their support team should discuss what a good quality of life for the individual looks like, their likes and dislikes, their support needs, current and needed life experiences.

This is a great opportunity for the team to use person-centered planning.

Benefits of 
Shared Living Services

Shared living can take several different forms from the participant living in the home of the host home provider to a companion living in the home of the participant to provide support. 

Companions and host home providers can be college students, families, single people, couples, empty nesters. The shared living provider can be anyone over the age of 21 who wants to share a life and provide supports to an individual with a disability.

Benefits of Shared Living

More ways Shared living with Vista Care benefits our individuals.

Home Environment

Vista Care's shared living services are unique because we are able to provide a home for the individuals we care for. While other service providers provide a home-like atmosphere, we are able to provide our individuals with a home that in an integral part of the quality of their lives.

Community Involvement

Individuals have opportunities to develop natural supports and be active members in the household and the communities where they live.

Consistency & Stability

Individuals have consistency and stability in the supports that are provided and who provides them. There is thorough matching between the individual and the companion/host home.

Private Home Living

With shared living the individual is living in a private home where there is one person providing support. There is no need for multiple shifts with multiple staff."
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