Supported Apartment Program

Apartment living that promotes community integration, self-directed care, and increased independence.

What is a Supported Apartment Program?

The Supported Apartment Program (SAP) service supports individuals with disabilities within an apartment setting. The focus of the SAP is to provide individualized support services in a community setting that maximize individual potential and provide optimal quality of life. Services are directed toward assisting, guiding, teaching, and supporting each individual to promote health, well-being, self-esteem, and autonomy.

 Individuals who otherwise may have been supported in a group home setting or who are seeking apartment support in the community find the SAP’s non-regulated setting can be an ideal step into community-based care. Within the SAP, each individual has access to 24/7 support services. Each individual has their name on the lease and the building is neither owned nor controlled by an exclusive service provider.

Benefits of the SAP Model

Promotes independence, privacy, and community integration

Onsite staff 24/7

Enhances relationships through socialization opportunities

Provides a continuum level of care should supportive service needs change

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